Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars

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by E. Heuvel

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Monday, 23 April

18:3021:30 Welcome and Registration

Tuesday, 24 April

Across the Spectrum: pulsars and magnetars (AS)

09:4010:10Multi-wavelength observations of neutron starsR. Mignani
10:1010:30High-Time-Resolution Optical Observations of the Crab PulsarS. Collins
10:3011:00Coffee Break & poster session
11:0011:30The violent neutron starA. Watts
11:3011:50TeV Obsevations of the Binary System PSR B1259/LS 2883 with H.E.S.S. around the 2010 PeriastronI. Sushch
11:5012:10Linking the soft gamma-ray pulsar population with the Fermi LAT pulsar population: completing the high-energy pictureL. Kuiper
12:1012:30Modelling Gamma-ray Emission from PulsarsM. Kerr
12:3012:50A unified polar cap/striped wind model for pulsed radio and gamma-ray emission in pulsarsJ. Pétri
14:4515:05Transient magnetarsW. Kluzniak
15:0515:25Do accreting magnetars exist?P. Reig
Short communication
15:2515:30Intriguing features of the gamma-ray emission from the Crab pulsar and nebulaW. Bednarek
15:3015:35Announcing Fermi Large Area Telescope second pulsar catalogP. R. den Hartog
15:3515:40Possible optical counterpart of PSR J1357-6429A. Kirichenko
15:4015:45MAGIC VHE observations of the Crab pulsar - latest results and physics implicationsN. Lewandowska
15:4515:50Spectral monitoring of RX J1856.5-3754 with XMM-NewtonS. Mereghetti
15:5015:55Optical and X-ray observations of nearby thermal neutron stars to constrain the EoSR. Neuhaeuser
16:1516:45Coffee Break & poster session

Radio observations of pulsars (ROP)

16:4517:15Pulsar PolarizationS. Johnston
17:1517:45Interpole communication in radio pulsars and the resulting theoretical challengesP. Weltevrede
17:4518:00Subbeam carousel circulation time from single pulse observations of several pulsarsW. Lewandowski
18:0018:15Again Geminga: new observations at three low frequenciesV. Malofeev

Wednesday, 25 April

ROP Continuation

09:0009:15The long-term evolution of radio pulsar profilesA. Lyne
09:1509:30Pulsar Beaming - LM88 RevisitedR. Manchester
09:3009:45Pulsar Radio Emission Mechanisms: The Crab EnigmasT. H. Hankins
Short communication
09:4509:50Off-pulse emission from PulsarsR. Basu
09:5009:55Binary pulsar B1259-63 spectrum evolution and classification of pulsar spectraM. Dembska
09:5510:00Broadband nulling studies of three nulling pulsarsV. Gajjar
10:0010:05Observations of transients and pulsars with LOFAR international stationsM. Serylak
10:0510:10Null patterns in PSR J1649+2533 and B2310+41G. Wright
10:3011:00Coffee Break & poster session

Theory of pulsar radio emission (TP)

11:0011:30Pulsar radio emission mechanismsY. Lyubarsky
11:3011:50Observational consequences of the Partially Screened GapA. Szary
11:5012:05Thermal and Non-thermal Radiation from pulsars: hints of physicsR. Xu
12:0512:20Population Synthesis of Radio and Gamma-ray Pulsars using a Maximum Likelihood ApproachP. L. Gonthier
12:2012:35Double notches: the imprint of microscopic radio emission beamJ. Dyks
12:3512:50Collective curvature radiationY. Istomin
14:4515:15Observations that can unravel the Coherent radio emission mechanism in PulsarsD. Mitra
15:1515:35The Location and Shape of the Radio Emission Region: Courtesy of the Double PulsarD. Lomiashvili

Special session

15:3515:55Radio Pulsar B0943+10: Paragon of Drifting and ModingJ. Rankin
15:5516:15The mode changes of PSR 0943+10 illuminated by LOFARJ. van Leeuwen
16:1516:45Coffee Break & poster session
16:4517:05Simultaneous Radio and X-ray observations of PSR B0943+10: The GMRT ResultsD. Mitra
17:0517:25Correlated Mode Changes in the Radio and X-ray Emission of PSR B0943+10W. Hermsen
17:2517:45Simultaneous Radio and X-ray observations of PSR B0943+10: Some theoretical implicationsG. A. E. Wright

Thursday, 26 April

Neutron Stars: structure, evolution, magnetic fields and PWNs (NS)

09:0009:30Maximum mass of neutron stars and equation of state of dense matterP. Haensel
09:3010:00Superconductivity and superfluidity in neutron star coresD. Page
10:0010:30Population synthesis of binary pulsarsT. Bulik
10:3011:00Coffee Break & poster session
11:0011:30X-ray and gamma-ray properties of PWNe and pulsarsO. Kargaltsev
11:3012:00Studies of PWNe with H.E.S.S.M. Ostrowski
12:0012:20Model of Radio Emission from Spherically Symmetric Pulsar Wind NebulaeS. J. Tanaka
12:2012:40Termination shocks of pulsar windsI. Mochol
12:4012:55Timing residuals of precessing pulsarsT. Joachimiak
14:4515:05MHD processes in the NS crust - a precondition for pulsar activity?U. Geppert
15:0515:25Initial parameters of neutron starsS.B. Popov
15:2515:40Structure of neutron stars with unified equations of stateA.F. Fantina
Short communication
15:4015:45Nuclear Symmetry Energy Effects in Neutron Star InteriorsD. E. Alvarez-Castillo
15:4515:50Superfluidity and entrainment in neutron star crustsN. Chamel
15:5015:55Spin-down Age: A Key To Understanding The Magnetic Field DecayA.P. Igoshev
15:5516:00New class of oscillation modes in neutron starsE. Kantor
16:0016:05Optical Polarimetry of the Crab and Vela PulsarsP. Moran
16:0516:25Coffee Break & poster session

Magnetars: observations and theory (M)

16:2516:55Persistent emission from magnetars; observationsW. Hermsen
16:5517:15Magnetars in Gamma-ray burstsB. Zhang
17:1517:35Heating magnetar surface from the crustD. Yakovlev
Short communication
17:3517:40Do magnetars really exist? I. F. Malov
17:4017:45SXP 1062: an SMC Be/X-ray binary hosting a once ultra-magnetized neutron star ?R. Turolla

Friday, 27 April

From Past to Future (FP)

09:0009:30Early pulsar observations in AustraliaR. Wielebinski
09:3010:00Pulsars with next generation multi-element radio telescopes: from the GMRT to the SKAY. Gupta
10:0010:30The Prospects of Pulsar Observation in ChinaN. Wang
10:3011:00Coffee Break & poster session
11:0011:30Deep Spacecraft Navigation With PulsarsW. Becker
11:3012:00Pulsars at Very High Energies: prospects for CTAR. de los Reyes
12:0012:20Simulations of Slot-gap Model using PORECD. de Búrca
12:2012:40Binary neutron stars as sources of gravitational wavesD. Gondek-Rosińska
12:4013:30Final commentsE. van den Heuvel


Across the Spectrum: pulsars and magnetars (AS)

Multiwavelength Spectra of Pulsars M. Durant, O. Kargaltsev, G. Pavlov
Constraining the formation of the Local Bubble with young nearby neutron stars R. Neuhaeuser, N. Tetzlaff, D. Breitschwerdt
Decomposition of polarization components of the Crab pulsar and its nebula A. Słowikowska, R. Mignani, G. Kanbach, K. Krzeszowski

Radio observations of pulsars (ROP)

High Time Resolution Studies of Bright Arecibo Pulsars I. Backus, D. Mitra, J. Rankin
The first LOFAR pulsar surveys T. Coenen
Long-term scintillation observations of PSR B0823+26 M. Daszuta, W. Lewandowski, J. Kijak
Single Pulse Analysis of pulsars at 8.35 GHz and the carousel circulation time S. Honnappa, W. Lewandowski, J. Kijak, A. Deshpande
Statistics of the subpulses for PSR B1133+16 at 8.35 GHz O. Koralewska, J. Kijak, W. Lewandowski
Interactive database of pulsar flux density measurements O. Koralewska, K. Krzeszowski, J. Kijak, W. Lewandowski
Pulse broadening measurement for several pulsars M. Kowali ́ska, W. Lewandowski, M. Dembska, J. Kijak
Millisecond Radio Bursts from Andromeda E. Rubio-Herrera, B.W. Stappers, J. Hessels, R. Braun
Complexity parameter in pulsars: a grand update A. Skrzypczak, J. Gil
Analysis of Pulsar B1237+25's Profile and Polarization Modes E. Smith, J. Rankin, D. Mitra
Candidates for pulsars with gigahertz-peaked spectra Ł. Tarczewski, J. Kijak, W. Lewandowski
Profile Stabilization Studies of Slow and Millisecond Pulsars M. Teixeira, I. Kloumann, J. Rankin
Emission Geometry of Pulsar J0631+1036 M. Teixeira, J. Rankin, G. Wright
Core Emission in Pulsars with Classical Conal Double Profiles S. Young, J. Rankin

Theory of pulsar radio emission (TP)

Population synthesis of neutron stars: the impact of different luminosity models A. P. Igoshev, A. F. Kholtygin
Nature of RRATs Ya. Istomin, D. Sobyanin
Lower bound for pulsar radiation altitude from Gamma-ray observation K. J. Lee

Neutron Stars: structure, evolution, magnetic fields and PWNs (NS)

The evolution of the angle between the magnetic moment and rotation axis of radio pulsars with the small-scale magnetic field and the superfluid core D. P. Barsukov, O. A. Goglichidze, A. I. Tsygan
Maximum mass of cold neutron stars with phase transition A. F. Fantina, N. Chamel, J.M. Pearson, S. Goriely
Decoupling of superfluid and normal oscillation modes in rotating neutron stars M.E. Gusakov, E.M. Kantor
Constraining the mass and moment of inertia of neutron stars from quasi-periodic oscillations in X-ray binaries J. Pétri
Peculiar classes of isolated neutron stars and the case of the thermally emitting source in the Carina Nebula A. Pires
The maximum mass of differentially rotating neutron stars A. Snopek, M. Kucaba, D. Gondek-Rosinska
The maximum mass of rotating strange stars M. Szkudlarek, D. Rosińska, L. Villain, M. Ansorg
Mutual influence of magnetic field decay and mutual influence of magnetic field decay and thermal evolution of rotational neutron stars X. Zhou, M. Kang, N. Wang

Magnetars: observations and theory (M)

Equation of state of magnetar crusts N. Chamel, R. L. Pavlov, L. M. Mihailov, Ch. J. Velchev, Zh. K. Stoyanov, Y. D. Mutafchieva, M. D. Ivanovich
Understanding phase resolved X-ray spectra of magnetars P. R. den Hartog, W. Hermsen, L. Kuiper, A. Beloborodov
Resonant Compton Upscattering in High Field Pulsars and Magnetars P. L. Gonthier, M. T. Eiles, Z. Wadiasingh, M. G. Baring, A. K. Harding
Pulsars are born as magnetars R. Heras
Timing Solutions of Recently Discovered Soft Gamma Repeaters M. M. Serim, A. Baykal, S. C. Inam
Observations of magnetars with Nanshan telescope J. Yuan, N. Wang

From Past to Future (FP)

DYMPHNA3D - An Introduction R. Rochford, A. Shearer, J. McDonald