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Seminar: Thermoelectricity at the Polar Cap of Radio Pulsars

poniedziałek, Kwiecień 24, 2017 - 13:15
April 26, at 11:15 Room (no. 34 in the A2 building)

Speaker: prof. Ulrich Geppert

Subject: "Thermoelectricity at the Polar Cap of Radio Pulsars

Abstract: Thermoelectric magnetic field amplification and modification can be an efficient process of transforming thermal into magnetic energy, where strong temperature gradients are present and maintained over sufficiently long timescales. At the polar cap of radio pulsars such gradients are present and maintained over their whole lifetime. For the pulsar to emit radio waves a strong but small scale magnetic field structure at the polar cap surface is necessary. Thermoelectric interactions may create such very localized field configurations. I will present the basics of those processes and argue by rough estimates that both timescales of field growth and the saturation magnetic field strength are promising to create the required field structure. There are, however, some serious caveats that I will discuss in detail. Thus I will ask perhaps more questions than I can give answers.