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General information

The observing tower was built in the years 1841 - 1860 in Zielona Góra, a town in western Poland. The original purpose of the tower was to provide an opportunity of observation of the night sky above and landscape around to citizens of the Lower Silesia (now Lubuskie County). Nowadays, a telescope is placed at the top of this building called the Braniborska Tower. So this old building, according to its tradition, is a host to our new observatory. The top of the tower was refurbished between July and September 2005, with an official opening in November 2005. Under a 3-meter dome, we installed the 14-inch Meade LX200GPS telescope equipped with the CCD ST-8XE camera and UBVRI, LRGB filters.

We carry out the following research:

  • UBVRI photometry of stars
    Using appropriate color filter we can determine star magnitude and by combining several filters measure its spectral type, mass and distance.
  • Astrometry and photometry of asteroids
    CCD enables precise coordinate measurement for starlike objects that can be reported to IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT).
  • Comet positions
    Obtaining exact positions can provide valuable information to calculate comet orbit.
  • Binary stars observation
    Determining position angle of binary system and angular distance between its components, using CCD, is both easy and precise.
  • Obtaining light curve of variable stars
    Large number of stars change their luminosity with time. Observing this kind of variables is an important field in astronomy. There exists a huge amount of variable stars that are unknown, waiting to be discovered and monitored. These are ideal projects for small (wide angle) telescopes equipped with CCD.